DepositFiles engages cooperation with Audible Magic

DepositFiles is pleased to announce of a new development in its opposition to copyright infringement. An agreement with Audible Magic has been concluded, enabling DepositFiles to utilize the full potential of Audible Magic's proprietary audio content fingerprinting technology.

Audible Magic is industry's leading provider of content identification, verification and digital restrictions management of digital assets protection in all forms, including the radio and TV broadcasts, Internet and satellite transmission, stored and transferred digital files.

Audible Magic provides technology for automatic identification of audio material using digital fingerprinting. The identification of audio content is based on the perceptual characteristics of the audio itself which allows it to accurately identify content across file formats, codecs, bitrates, and compression techniques.

At the moment Global Rights Registry Database is constantly updates and covers more than 8 million audio-files.

Feel free to find our more of our new counter-infringement ally at their official web-site:

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